Environmental Assistance and Protection

The goals of the Office of Environmental Assistance and Protection and the Environmental Assistance and Protection Board are to protect public health and the environment of Forsyth County by minimizing the impacts of environmental contaminants, educating the public about pollution prevention and promoting conservation of natural resources in the community.

  • Triad Air Awareness
    Our Triad Air Awareness Program partners with local & State DOTs, PART & the local community to spread the word about Air Quality.
  • Air Monitoring
    We model emissions & monitor the air to determine health effects & conformity with the Natl. Ambient Air Quality Standards.
  • Forecast
    Code Green, Yellow, Orange, Red or Purple - Our team of trained meteorologists forecast the air pollution levels you hear daily.
  • Permits and Inspection
    Permits, inspections, and compliance assistance helps businesses comply with the Clean Air Act and local air quality regulations.
  • Small Businesses
    Registration, Inspections & compliance assistance helps small businesses meet Natl. Emissions Standards for hazardous air pollutants.
  • Asbestos
    We permit, inspect and enforce the rules governing the removal of asbestos and the demolition of buildings.
  • Waste Management
    We inspect garbage and recycling collection trucks.
  • Open Burning
    The Environmental Assistance & Protection staff responds to your complaints about open burning, odors, and pollution in streams.
  • Triad Haz Cam
    The “Triad Haze Cam” shows haze resulting from air pollution in the Triad area.
  • Awards
    Environmental Assistance & Protection has won many state and national awards for its air quality programs.
  • Staff
    The Office of Environmental Assistance & Protection is here to assist you in solving your environmental problems.

The Office of Environmental Assistance and Protection was established in 1968 at the request of local industry. Originally formed as the Air Pollution Control Department to deal with such issues as air quality monitoring, permitting, open burning, and visible emissions, the name was changed to Environmental Affairs in 1974 to more accurately portray its involvement in the protection of land and water as well as air quality. In 1976, the Environmental Affairs Board was established for the purpose of advising the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners and assisting the Department with topics related to environmental management. In 2011, the name was changed to the Office of Environmental Assistance and Protection to reflect reorganization that included merging with the Community Hygiene section, formerly part of the Environmental Health Division of the Public Health Department.

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