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Calvary Baptist School of Service Day

Posted on 4/23/2012 by Rebecca Woodcock

Calvary Baptist School of Service Day

On April 5, 2012, ten Calvary Baptist School students spent their School of Service Day helping out around Tanglewood Park.

SOS DayThe students and chaperones came prepared to work with tennis shoes and t-shirts on, and dove right in providing a helping hand to Tanglewood staff. The Calvary Baptist crew first started off the afternoon spreading mulch at Shelter 3, located by Skilpot Lake, and then moved on to spreading mulch at Shelter 4, by the large playground. Ryan Kearns, Tanglewood Landscape Operations Unit Leader, explained the purpose and correct method for spreading mulch around plants to the volunteers. Mulch helps cool the ground, reduce water loss, lessen erosion, and prevent weeds and other competing plants from taking over the same soil. Mulching around plants is a very important seasonal maintenance routine for the Tanglewood staff.

The school’s Director of Development, Jen Tozier, shared that this year marked their 3rd annual School of Service Day, and twenty-five outside organizations were chosen for outreach.

A huge thank you from Forsyth County Parks and Recreation to the Calvary Baptist School students, staff, and chaperones!

To learn more about the School of Service day, please visit Calvary Baptist’s SOS Day page.