Message from the Director

At the heart of any organization are numbers. They tell a story of fiscal health and past success. But are there other numbers that help tell an organization’s story, ones not usually found in a financial summary? That’s what we wanted to find out and what we discovered were numbers that help tell the story of a place called the Forsyth County Public Library, and the people who use it every day.

Let’s start with three numbers, 462/717/353, which represents the number of audio books, downloadable audio books and DVD movies added to our collection during 2011-12. How about 51,019, which is how many library materials were check-out through the automated self-check system at our Reynolda Manor location. Try 13,000 which was the number of materials sold by the Friends of the Kernersville Library. Here’s one for you, 170,753; that’s how many DVD movies were checked out during the fiscal year. Or this one, $1,195,271, which is what you would have paid at the box office for those movies, based on an average ticket price of $7.00.

It’s important to consider these numbers and others like them, to get an accurate feel for how important the library is in the lives of 358,137 Forsyth County citizens. The numbers above also place a spotlight on the many moving parts of daily library life. And, when considered in the whole, reveal a place of vibrancy, opportunity, and fun enjoyed by thousands of people who pass through our doors every day.

Each year we begin with one simple goal: to deliver a standard of library service that is nothing less than the level of trust you have placed in us since our beginning in 1906. It is a goal we take seriously and do our best to meet every day.

It is a privilege to serve you, the people of Forsyth County, and an honor we will always cherish.


Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin